Sleep Therapy Dispensary

sleep therapy

To get the most benefit from your PAP therapy, your equipment should be replaced when necessary based on wear and tear. For example, your mask may need to be replaced if you notice it is cracked of the seal is leaking. If your tubing is torn, it needs to be replaced. If your equipment is showing signs of wear, you may be entitled to replace it. The replacement schedule for Medicare is shown below.



Nasal replacement cushion2 per month
Pillows replacement cushion2 per month
Full-face cushion1 per month
Mask1 per 3 months
Headgear1 per 6 months
Chinstrap1 per 6 months
Tubing1 per 3 months
Filter, fine disposable2 per month
Filter, gross particle foam1 per 6 months
Therapy Device1 per 5 Year

Follow-up and compliance goals for Medicare patients.

Follow-up appointment with physician

31- 90 Days

Compliance Goals

4 hours per night and 30 nights of consecutive use